2015 Laser North Americans Recap

2015 Laser North Americans Recap

The Laser North Americans was held in Manteo, NC from July 30 – August 2 this past weekend. It was the first time back in the Laser after 3 weeks off for the Pan Am Games and I finished 3rd overall.

The competition was not nearly as difficult to the World Championships, but it was one of the most challenging events mentally and physically I have ever sailed. All the competitors were battling the strong breeze and 35+ degree temperatures, but I had significant trouble especially the first day with a migraine the evening prior, a bad cough, and severe dehydration without being acclimatized to the heat at all.

These factors all led to the worst muscle cramps I’ve ever had where I could not open my hand to grasp ropes, vomiting between races and seeing stars and blue lights. Good times on the outer banks!

After a long month of competitions, focus is back on fitness over the next few months – aside from racing CORK in Kingston August 15-19.



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